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We give you the tools to create a balanced life in a changing world. 

We feel the constant pressure of having to change for internal and external reasons. Whether things are changing in our personal life or at work we have the feeling that their is always something we have to adapt to. Most of the time we experience change as we have to do so much more than we can do. We develope a feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed, which can lead in extreme cases to burn out or depression. But why is that? Why do we feel so much stress towards change? If we think about it - change has been in our lives forever- why haven't we adapted to a constant flow of change?

The Struggle is real 

We combine conscious wisdom and business practices. We see this combination as the base for a modern and healthy way to form a different relationship with change. 


With a diverse offering of workshops, retreats, training, and private coaching, we provide you with both pragmatic as experiential tools to find stability and stillness also in the midst of turmoil. Aiming at interventions that create a healthy balance between your individual and professional life.

Conscious architects include in our practices:    

  • Coaching: Activate your personal and group potential 

  • Inclusion: Create a space that facilitates all aspects of yourself and your world 

  • Wisdom: Integrate body, heart, mind, and spirit 

  • Embodiment: Experience exercises through role-play and hands-on 

We work project and workshop based. For our clients, we create tailor-made solutions. To get inspired here some examples from our off the shelf workshops. 





What do we bring?


Wij verbinden complexe business vraagstukken met oplossingen met design processen and visual thinking. Both aspects simplify, let you understand the world from diffrent perspectives, bring effective and fast results catalusator, .


Design processes help you to get fast solutions when dealing with big groups and or complex challenges. We guide you with an fun an interactive process through your biggest challenges. With visual thinking we simplify an concretisy the most complex connections and create alignment in teams, focus, 


Contact us with your specific question or get inspired by our offers below. 






- at work push information from left to right 

- take things way to serious

- power play 

- rules and restrictions- risk aversio

- actual in the way of really getting things done in a propper way

- how about trying to make things easier and communicate as humans , admitting struggels and therefore move forwards way easier 

- why does it seem to be such an hard task 

-- how processes, products and the use of chnalles are designed is not thought through and exploid... the things we used can be used differently and easier, why not create new structures and ideas with the objects and 

- risk aversion

- pushing information from left to right

- not remembering what was said in the last three meetings of the same day

- everyone completely different ideas what to do in a project

- let's get together on one table admit our challenges, support each other and find the best posiible solutions- sounds hard it isn't. 

Parts of design architects: What really matters


Before tackling business challenges it is important to know your own values- for yourself, your team and your stakeholders. Then you truly understand what you want to stand for with your passion and energy. When you stay true to these values you will always want to give your best because you love what you are doing and you support your team in the best way possible. In the case of the customer it is the same when you stay true to their values they will love what you are creating because you support them in the best way possible. HOW? This part we facilitate with individual and group interventions and challenge you to dig deep in your memory and possibly interact with your stakeholders. 


By connecting you know what you and your stakeholders stand for. In order to connect that with your business challenge, we will jump into a consultant, moderate and facilitator role. We present first observations (from research, analysis, and questionnaires) and guide you through a challenging teambuilding and visual design thinking process where we connect the business challenges with the team and their values. In the end, you will see how the business challenge looks like and where your and the values of the stakeholders lay and what role you are playing.  


With urgency, we see everything coming together. During our workshops, we see people directly starting to think what and how they are going to do this. This is the time when your team sees what is urgent in order to reach a common goal. We will facilitate an individual and group process to figure out what is needed and which steps have to be taken in order to reach the goal or future you agreed on. With this process, your employees will most likely feel understood and connected. And therefore, will feel the urgency to help each other to change or reach a specific goal.

Within this process, we will get to the following results:


- Know the individual, team and stakeholder values

- Discover how the values are connected to your business challenges/goals

- Constructive team building

- Visualization of business challenge/goal

- Create and tell the story of your path as a team or in your business

- Know where and what individual needs and roles are in order to reach the common goal

- Discover which steps need to be made to reach a common goal 

- Curate how the team can empower/ support others

- Finding the processes and rituals which can support you in your progress 

What do we bring?

We bring you a positive, business experienced and design-driven team that is committed to making strategy and transformation as easy and fun as possible. We guide and facilitate the way through design processes or interventions that give you the opportunity to dive deep into what gets you out of bed in the morning and what works best for your team.   in our sessions with:

- Passion: really try to figure out what moves you and your team

- Honesty: challenging the status quo

- perspective 

- relevance

- fun

We work project and workshop based. For our clients, we create tailor-made solutions. To get inspired here some examples from our off the shelf workshops. 

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