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Balance your strategy - 10 Steps to a healthy strategy and mind-set

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

We all are doing our very best to create plans and strategies to keep going and our business alife. However, the whole situation takes a lot of us and it is more than ever important to connect our strategy to individual needs & mental health. That is why I created a template that supports businesses and also individuals te keep going but also stay sane. It includes a combination of strategic planning and positive/ self-care activities. We also offer an extended version as a digital workshop for business groups... here.

For now here the short 10 step process:

10 Steps to a healthy strategy

1) What are the challenges you are facing at the moment?

2) What are the opportunities of the situation?

- Business opportunities

- Ideas you haven't had time for but are able to do now

- Activities or things you love to do as a team or individuals

- Positive aspects of this situation

--> Standstill by the fact that there are more opportunities than challenges

3) Chose the MOST urgent topics from your challenges and write them in the middle

4) Connect the opportunities with the urgent topics and add more ideas and aspects which help you to tackle the urgent topics

5) Focus only on the most urgent topics and don't do anything else. Chose the opportunities you will work on in the next two moths and plan them.

6) Fill in possible obstacles: What kind of aspects can come in the way of realizing your plans (context-wise but also/ mentally).

7) Fill in Prevention and self-care: What are the actions you can take when these obstacles appear? Which activities support you and your team mentally to realize your plans?

8) Now look at your opportunities and the prevention and self-care part: Which of the things you wrote in these sections can support you in your weekly activities

9) Plan each week one these positive activities to energize your team and support their positive mind-set. (These are the smilies and hearts in the speaking bubbles in the Focus & Plan part)

10) Check-in with your team and your self on how they/you are feeling weekly and what gives them energy. Be kind- and speak as friends with each other!

If you need the visual as pdf document feel free to contact us. And if there are any questions about the steps or the digital team workshop don't hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe and positive!

Architects of the Future

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