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Stop the Sustainability Bullshit- part 2: Sustainability Leadership

After the introduction to sustainability here part two for the practical use of Sustainability Leaders. And by that, I mean all of us. We all are going to live in the future and have to lead it to a more sustainable way of living and working.

This time right now is the perfect time for current business leaders to re-start their business and re-start them right. So use those overview to inspire you or contact us if you need support in creating this shift. The topic of sustainability leadership will cover two weeks.

The first week will be about:

  • the general topic of sustainability leadership,

  • what pressures are there

  • what do future leaders need as skills/capabilities and

  • how to incorporate sustainability in business.

The second week will be about the leadership role connected to topics like the corona crises, the doughnut economy and worldwide regulations and collaborations.

I tried to add as much practical ideas and models to use for current leaders.

Let me know what you think and what other links or ideas come to your mind.

Thank you for watching and let's keep learning and connecting.

Best Skadi


(1) Definitions and meaning of sustainability leadership:

(2) Sustainability leadership model ( Google it- I am not allowed to share it since I am attending the Cambridge course on Sustainability in Business and is their content)

(4) Shared value approach:

(6) Sustainability Leadership: Linking Theory and Practice:

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