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Change Consultant, Strategic Design Consultant, One Young World Ambassador,

Visual Thinker and Mindfulness Teacher


Skadi is an enthusiastic, inspiring and compelling go-getter, who is passionate about bringing people together and finding new ways to create a better future.

In her projects she worked with clients like IKEA, UN Development projects, PwC, ABN Amro, KPN, Arcadis, various Municipalities and many more.

Her favourite color is yellow and she loves Hippos.

Skadi Mobius


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Robert L. Kiss

Lotte Ritzer

Mindfulness Teacher, Transformational Coach,

Public Speaker, and Yoga Teacher 


She stands for an integrated spirituality to help you embody your potential in the modern world. In heer workshops she creates trust, deep presence and insight to achieve individual and collective transformation.She helps to explore our true Self beyond all cultural and personal conditioning, or any limiting belief and idea. 

Lotte has a rich background in body-mind practices rooted in ancient traditions (Yoga, meditation, Buddhism, non-duality) as well as somatics and social psychology. 

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Mario P. Schwery

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Design & Visual Thinker, Lean Start-Up,

Continuous Innovation, Startup Ecosystem Builder

As a consultant, coach, visual facilitator and event organizer, he has set himself the goal of inspiring people to realize their own dreams - from starting their own business to gradually testing, validating & developing new innovative products and services that will change the world. 



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Industrial Designer, Visual Facilitator and

Graphic Recorder


Robert has been drawing ever since he can remember, decorating (or defiling) notebooks, books benches... He never stopped drawing; he just added digital to the mix. 

Now he is an industrial designer who loves problem-solving and visual thinker fascinated by visual communication. His superpower? Turning any idea into a compelling visual. 

In previous projects he worked with clients like Guerrilla Games, McKinsey, WWF, Heineken and KLM.

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Company partnerships...

Marketing Professional, Project Developer,

Community builder, 

Social Butterfly and Connector of dots


Josine is a highly passionate, open-minded and hands-on person. marketing professional, project developer, social butterfly and connector of dots.

She believes in business as a vehicle for social- and environmental change, and has the luck to call it her day-to-day job to work together with strong-willed businesses and people, growing supportive communities for those who drive change, inside and outside of corporate environments.

She worked at Uber and Red Bull and a highly skilled Community Consultant for social organizations like: Fuck up Nights Salzburg, RespACT and Circle of Intrapreneurs.

Josine Bakkes


Circle of Intrapreneurs 

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