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We create new ideas, tools, and methods that stimulate and support you to build a sustainable future. 


New ideas, tools and methods that stimulate and support you to build a sustainable future. That’s where the design architects come into play.

We combine complex business challenges with solutions created by design processes and visual thinking. Simplified aspects that’ll help you understand the world from different perspectives. It brings a catalysator of effective and fast results.

Design processes help you finding solutions in a fast way. Especially when you’re dealing with big groups or complex challenges. You’ll be guided through your biggest challenges with a fun an interactive process. With visual thinking we simplify and concretize the most complex connections. This way we create team alignments and focus points.

Sounds interesting? Please contact us with your specific question or get inspired by our offers below. 

Let's get started.

-- Workshop --

BOOST your Strategy

Reflect, align and boost your strategy through visual thinking activities. Get a different perspective, save time and have fun in this interactive workshop.   

Level: team and organization

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-- Workshop --

Design a new Businessmodel

Dig deep in the potential of your company and new markets and design step by step a new business model. We guide you through a design process that fits your needs and sector. 

Level: team and organization 

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--  Workshop --

Work with


Let's get ready for the future and make the shift from financially driven KPI's to purpose-driven KPI's. 

Level: team and organization

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-- Inspirational Lunch session/ workshop --

Intrapreneurship is the solution!

Get your co-workers activated and let them see that their own potential and passion can create endless opportunities on the work floor. 

Level: individual, team and organization

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--  Interviews/ Workshop --

Visuals 4 Change

Together with you and your stakeholders, we create clear, impactful and memorable visuals from your most challenging strategies, transformations or processes.  

Level: team and organization

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--  Event --

Night of the Future

We invite young and old change-makers to come together and join us for a fun and eventful night of finding solutions for the biggest social and environmental challenges. 

Level: team and organization

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